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Makeup Policy

Our classes follow a specially designed curriculum for students, which require students to be present for all the class. Tuition is non-refundable. The missed classes can be made-up following the makeup policy.

All makeup requests must comply with this procedure - no exceptions. 

Missed class within 48 hours notice: makeup class allowed on class time schedule (must discuss with teacher which class you will choose for makeup) until the end of the current semester.

Missed class with less than 48 hours notice before class starts: no makeup credit given. 

Missed makeup class: makeup class can be rescheduled at most one time if 48 hours notice before the beginning of makeup class is given. If you need to change schedule with less than 48 hours or no notice before a makeup class, no makeup credit will be carried.

Makeup class can only be scheduled three times maximum for each semester. 

Please keep in mind that our curriculum is specifically designed for each class section.  Frequently changing class schedules is not recommended as students may repeat class topics and/or mediums.

Late Drop Off & Pick Up Policy

Late Drop Off Policy

Students should be dropped off no more than 10 minutes after class starts. If a student is more than 10 minutes late, they will be considered missed with less than 48 hours notice before class starts (see above). This is due to the fact that our classes follow a strict timed curriculum which requires students to be present for the first portion of the class in order to complete their projects.

Late Pick Up Policy

Parents should arrive about 5 minutes before the scheduled time class ends to ensure on-time pickup.

0 - 10 minutes late:  $0

11 - 20 minutes late:  $12

21 - 30 minutes late:  +$18 ($30 total)

each 10 minutes after:  +$18

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